live your life before it ends

There is only one time for us to be happy,
only one time in every person's life
it is possible to dream and make plans
and have enough energy to carry them
despite all the difficulties and obstacles.

Only one time for us to marvel at the life and living passionately
and enjoy it with all its intensity
without fear or guilt of pleasure.

Golden age in which we can create
and recreate the life,
our own image and likeness
and dress in all colors
and try all the flavors
and indulge in all loves
without prejudice or shame.

Time of enthusiasm and courage
that any challenge is more an invitation to fight
we face with all available
to try something again, again and again,
and as often as necessary.

This age so fleeting in the life of people
THIS is called
and has the length of time that passes.

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